Zambian pastor slammed for sending nude video to married members

Zambian pastor slammed for sending nude video to married members

A popular Zambian Pastor identified as Elder Charles Kalombo of Bread of Life church in Ndola, Zambia, has been called out by the husband of one his married members, who alleged that he sends nude video and photos to his members.

According to Zambia Watch, the Zambian Pastor was called out after the husband of one of the married members, saw the video in his wife’s phone and released it. In the viral nude video, the Pastor was heard telling a married woman identified as Bana Mary that he can go for six hours because she is too cute to be married to a loser.

Sources further claimed that the church member had previously written a letter to the church’s senior cleric, Pastor Imakando, urging him to tame his pastors who are enticing people’s wives. Kalemba wrote;

A video of a man said to be an elder at Bread of Life International Church flaunting his nakedness has hit social media and is being widely shared.

Social media users have reacted with shock and disbelief.

The brief clip opens with a close up to the man’s face before spanning out for a long shot to reveal the man stroking his “bread of life” and whipping his belly with it.

Although Kalemba has not independently confirmed the man’s Church membership, according the his facebook account under the name Charles Chileshe Kalombo, he is an elder at Bread of life International Church.

The account has several images of the man with a matching face to the one in the unsightly mobile phone-shot video, standing and preaching before a Bread of Life-labeled pulpit.

Sources close to the “film maker” and the church, say the video was leaked by a disinterested lover he sent it to.

Last week, Bread of Life International Church made headlines when members in its Lusaka apprehended and handed a hungry man to the police for stealing K200 offering money.

The man has since been sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labour.

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