A young Nigerian lady identified as Ajose Iyanuolwa has taken to Facebook to celebrate after losing her virginity to a man, whom she thanked God for and prayed God’s blessing be showered upon him.

Young lady celebrates after losing her virginity lailasnews 4
Young lady celebrates after losing her virginity

In what would be considered as a rather hilarious manner, the lady seemed to have been uncomfortable with being a virgin as she regarded virginity as being wicked.

She wrote:

”Thank God for the man who disvirgined my virginity today. God’s blessing him anyway. Now I’m a woman. #Olorivirgin #wickedvirginity.”

It is not so uncommon to see people come to social media to post personal and intimate things about their lives and sometimes one will be forced to wonder if they knew how viral such posts go these days.

Although it is widely believed some people do this to rather get some little moment of fame for themselves and they don’t bother to care what the social media trolls will say about their actions.

It is so surprising the other day when a lady took to twitter to advise women against breast feeding their sons. According to the young lady, she believed it is an act that teaches the sons to become potential rapist as they are being exposed to exploring a woman’s body right from babyhood.