World reacts to heavyweight draw

World reacts to heavyweight draw

Wilder vs Fury ended in a draw and the boxing world has reacted after a glimpse at the final scorecard of the match.

That had to be close to a perfect night of boxing, not a lot of hugs but more of action.

The two warriors went at it in Los Angeles as hard as they could, and – in the end – couldn’t be separated, as we all witnessed a heavyweight draw.

Fury probably fought a bit better, but Wilder unleashed two stunning shots to send his opponent sprawling to the deck. That Fury managed to get up to beat the count is remarkable in itself.

Wilder vs Fury final scorecard: Get a glimpse of the Master Score Sheet

The three judges ruled 115 – 111 in favour of Wilder, 114 – 110 in favour of Fury, and one judge called 113 – 113. In the cold light of day, it will seem fair, but right now, opinion is as split as the scorecards.

See below;

Boxing World reacts to heavyweight draw: Greats Split After Fight

Neither man appeared overly disappointed with the draw — one judge awarded the fight to Wilder 115-111, one had it 114-110 to Fury and the other had it a 113-113 draw — although they both claimed victory.

But the rest of the boxing world? They weren’t as forgiving. See reactions below;

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