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Woman left in coma after nose job procedure in Mexico



Nigeria News

A Dallas woman, Laura Avil, is fighting for her life, as she is currently in coma after she went to Mexico for a nose job procedure.

Woman left in coma after nose job procedure in Mexico lailasnews


According to TMZ, real estate agent traveled to Ciudad Juarez last month to save some cash on the plastic surgery, as it’s significantly cheaper there.

Her attorney, Larry Friedman, revealed the anesthesia used on her was administered incorrectly and way too early.

The clinic staff left Laura under anesthesia for hours because the head doc was running late. As a result, Laura suffered severe brain swelling and went into a coma.

Laura was stuck in Mexico for 8 days before her family could finally transfer her to a hospital in El Paso, TX, where doctors revealed she’d have to be kept alive with breathing tubes and machines, or be taken off life support. The family now wants a second opinion in Dallas.

The family has created a GoFundMe page to help with medical costs.