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Woman kicked out of gym for wearing crop top



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A German woman was kicked out of a gym for wearing a crop top that was said to be too revealing and capable of confusing men. We still wondering what is confusing about the top.

Woman kicked out of gym for wearing crop top lailasnews

22-year-old Marny took to Twitter to reveal the bizarre decision made by the local German gym, leaving everyone to wonder if she had to wear a gown to the gym.


The young woman told the Standard she had been using the gym in her hometown Constance, Germany, for two years and was shocked by the response to her “normal” sportswear.

Marny and her boyfriend were visiting the gym as normal and she had decided to wear a new workout top, which showed a few centimetres of bare skin across her stomach, she said.

While she was working out on the treadmill, Marny said one of the female trainers approached her and told her “she couldn’t train like this”.

See what she wrote below;

just got kicked out of my gym, because my clothes were to “revealing” (see photo) and were confusing the men in the gym. What century are we in again? So sad.

As much as everyone wants me to name and shame the gym, I have thought about it for a long time and I’m not gonna do it. My one goal was for people to actually see that these things still happen today and that it’s important to pay attention to that.

I never wanted to ruin the gym, as it is a small local one, not a big chain and even if they have done me wrong, I am not and don’t want to be that person. What I can tell you is that I’m from Constance, Germany and it is a local gym!

I wanted to clarify that they told me that guys were not allowed to wear tank top either, but every time I ever went there, there were guys in tank tops who weren’t ever asked to leave.

Many people were confused as to what their reasoning was, as you really can’t see anything (I know), and they said the reason was that I was wearing a sports bra and it wasn’t acceptable. (it isn’t a sports bra and I don’t get why sports bras aren’t acceptable but anyway)