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Wife faints for 9 hours as HIV-positive husband impregnates their daughter – Nigeria News



Nigeria News

A  Kenyan woman, Colletha Kasumba who learnt that her HIV-positive husband impregnated their daughter, reportedly fainted for 9 hours over shock of the disclosure.

Wife faints for 9 hours as HIV-positive husband impregnates their daughter lailasnews

According to the woman’s sister-in-law, Everlyne Isavywa, Kasumba who was unconscious for more than nine hours, was also angry that her HIV-positive husband had not only impregnated their daughter but also infected her with the virus.

It was gathered that she began acting violently upon waking up, and it made neighbours and relatives who had gathered around her to scamper for safety.

“People thought she was dead since she was unconscious for over nine hours. We were planning for her burial but we were shocked when she woke up at about 1am and started shouting that the husband has finished her,” Isavywa said.

“The woman gave birth to twins but the husband killed them. He also infected the woman with HIV and now has infected her daughter and impregnated her. The occurrences made the woman go mad as she was too stressed,” Everlyne Isavywa said.

Tuko reported that the the man’s daughter gave birth to a baby boy who looks like her father. Also confirming the incident, Bulopi assistant chief, Caleb Natiri, who said the suspect would be arrested and arraigned in court once they complete their investigation,  condemned the incident saying grandparents of the girl had been trying to separate them but the father refused.

“This is absurd. Village elders, church leaders and lawmakers need to be engaged to curb incidences of inter-kin marriages which are on the increase,” said Natiri

This is coming few months after it was reported that a 29-year-old Harare man, allegedly raped and infected his 11-year-old daughter with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). After the act, the man, (name withheld to protect the victim) reportedly threatened his daughter with unspecified action is she disclosed the offence to anyone.