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Who is Mathew Seiyefa? Brief profile of new Ag. DSS Boss



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Who is Mathew Seiyefa, the new Ag. DSS Boss?

Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo on Tuesday fired Lawal Daura, Director-General of the Department of State Service and appointed Mathew Seiyefa as the Acting Director-General of the security unit.

Who is Mathew Seiyefa, the new Ag. DSS Boss lailasnews 4

Mathew Seiyefa, who hails from Bayelsa State, was before his new appointment the most senior director in the DSS – assistant DG. He was also the Director, Institute of Security Studies, Abuja.

With about 34 years of experience, he has served in different capacities, including the State Director in Osun, Akwa Ibom, and Lagos states.

Who is Mathew Seiyefa, the new Ag. DSS Boss

Mathew Seiyefa is also a member of the National Institute.

He has been a very active force within the State Security Service and worked as the Director of Operations within the system.

Mathew Seiyefa

Prof Osinbajo ordered the sack of the erstwhile Director General, Department of Stat­e Service (DSS) Lawal Daura following the unauthorized invasion of the premises ­of the National Assembly.

The Acting President condemned the take­over of the National Assembly complex, d­escribing it as “a gross violation of c­onstitutional order, rule of law and all­ acceptable notions of law and order.’’

He tweeted:

The unauthorized takeover of the NASS complex today is a gross violation of the rule of law and all acceptable notions of law and order. Persons within the law enforcement apparatus who participated in this travesty will be identified and subjected to disciplinary action.

He maintained that the “unlawful act wh­ich was done without the knowledge of th­e Presidency is condemnable and complete­ly unacceptable.”