Waitress in Kenya attacked by angry women over husbands snatching

Waitress in Kenya attacked by angry women over husbands snatching

A pretty waitress in Kenya has been attacked by women in the community at the bar where she worked for allegedly snatching their husbands.

The group of women stormed the bar in Sagana, Murang’a County to kick out the waitress that was reported to have been sleeping with most of her patrons at the bar.

Pretty waitress in Kenya attacked by angry women over husbands snatching

The women, some with babies strapped to their backs, sang songs against the barmaid they claimed had made their husbands to run away from home.

Some of them even accused the woman of befriending both their husbands and sons.

Passers-by were treated to the evening drama as the women bayed for the blood of the bar attendant, vowing not to move until the woman was forcibly ejected from the premises.

The drama went a notch higher when their husbands got out of the bar to prevent their irate wives from getting in.

The couples pushed and shoved as amused residents watched. The men blocked the entrance of the bar as they engaged their wives in a shouting match.

Finally, men overpowered the women and saved the bar attendant from their wrath.

Satisfied that their message had been put across, the women retreated, but not before complaining to the public about the behaviour of their husbands.

They blamed their men of being too busy and spending nights in the bar located along Murang’a-Sagana road.

The women claimed the bar attendant was a threat to families for allegedly befriending men working in sand harvesting sites and their sons in the boda boda sector.

One of them said her husband has been away for a week after eloping with the bar attendant.

“I am bitter that my husband has abandoned his family for no apparent reason,” she said, adding that he lied to her that he was stranded in Nairobi only to discover he was in the liquor outlet.

But men defended the bar attendant and accused their wives of being “arrogant and dirty.”

“No amount of intimidation will make men in Kabuta to leave the village beauty.” one said.

“They should learn from her on how best to live with men. These women from our neighbouring county are beautiful and Kabuta girls should learn a few things from them,” he added.

Local administrators calmed the protesting women and summoned bar operator to explain the cause of the conflict.

After the confrontation, the owner of the bar sacked the bar attendant to avoid damage to his business.

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