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Video: Nurse confronts knife man who barged into hospital – Nigeria News



Nigeria News

A brave nurse has been spotted in a video confronting a knife man who barged into a hospital.

The nurse confronted the knifeman thereby giving her patients enough time to escape the A&E.

Nurse confronts knife man who barged into hospital so patients could escape lailasnews

Yusuf Aka, 22, entered the A&E at Leicester Royal Infirmary, brandishing a hunting knife. He went on to cause mayhem by throwing his knife at staff and tossing around computers.

But the hero nurse stepped in and stopped him from doing further damage.

Yusuf has now been jailed for five years for the January 16 attack. He was also given an additional licence period of five years because he was described as posing a substantial risk of causing serious harm in the future.

Shortly after 2am on Tuesday, January 16, he stabbed a homeless man, leaving him with a fractured vertebra, and walked into the A&E’s waiting area wearing sunglasses with his hood pulled up. Once inside, he tossed the knife at a member of staff and threw about equipment.

Frightened patients fled and were ushered to safety by staff, as one brave nurse confronted him to buy them more time to get away.

He set about the computer terminals, ripping monitors from the desk and throwing them across the waiting area at members of the public and staff, who were trying to usher patients away.

A man in a wheelchair who was being wheeled to safety was struck with a monitor, but fortunately wasn’t injured but was left very distressed.

Watch the video below;