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US rapper Future and baby mama Joie Chavis split



It appears like the relationship between rapper Future and his baby mama Joie Chavis is over. Checking on social media, it can be seen that Joie Chavis no longer follow the Atlanta rapper and has deleted all his photos.

Future however was spotted with one of his baby mamas, Unicorn Universe clothing designer, Brittni Mealy – in Atlanta during Super Bowl last weekend.

This is quite surprising to many whom Brittni Mealy told on Instagram that she was done with her baby daddy Future. She shared the below post when Joie Chavis had her baby shower before giving birth for the rapper.

“I appreciate yall stop tagging me and associating me with my son’s father and whatever he got going on. Let me make things crystal clear. I am not with him in no way and never will be again. I did my best and always loved unconditionally & been the sweetest girl I could be even when I knew he didn’t deserve it. This whole world calls me dumb, stupid, whatever but who cares. I have a genuine, unconditional, loving, forgiving heart. I’m not mad, bitter, none of that. I left!!! And finally began to realize my worth (long overdue). Since I’m clearing up things, I never been no gold digger, none of that Never! Anytime anyone seen us together it’s because it’s what he wanted and begged for! Good luck to anyone who thinks he is going to change. Let me live in peace and be happy with a man who deserves and appreciates me!”

Future currently has children with Jessica Smith, India Jones, singer Ciara, Brittni Mealy , and Joie Chavis who shares a daughter with rapper Bowwow.