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Unemployed Abuja graduate shows suicidal tendencies on Twitter



Nigeria News

An unemployed Abuja graduate identified as Efe, is causing panic on social media after he took to twitter to post suicidal tweets on twitter.

Unemployed Abuja graduate shows suicidal tendencies on Twitter lailasnews 3

The graduate of International Relations complained of not being able to get a job since he completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps and that has made him depressed as he could not cater for himself.

Unemployed Abuja graduate shows suicidal tendencies on Twitter

He tweeted:

No job, no money, life has been hard..Go to school they will get better they and I actually listened! At this point the thought of suicide is a great consolation and I just allowed it in..A lot of you cared for me, just not enough! Goodbye.

I don’t need you to cry or reach out..this is it!!

His post has however been retweeted by his followers and many are already offering him help both in words and kinds.

He was even asked to stand firm by a user who claimed he once had suicidal thoughts too, but he simply felt life is more important and interesting than even being alive:

I need you to stay, the fact is I want to try it also but I just discover daily that life is much better by being alive. I love you.

Another user made it clear to him that he has no where to go and that he is in this with everyone else. (That sounds funny though)

Relax my son You’re going nowhere yet You’re staying with us.

This is coming at a time where lots of Nigerians have been reported dead from committing suicide. A social media commentator once stated that in as much as depression is real, suicide might not be the best option. The best thing one can do is to seek help from family and agencies that cater for depressed individuals.