A woman suffering from fibromyalgia is believed to be the first UK patient to get cannabis prescription following a change in the law.

Carly Barton has been suffering from the chronic pain condition since suffering a stroke in her early twenties.

UK patient to get cannabis prescription to tackle severe pain lailasnews 3
UK patient to get cannabis prescription to tackle severe pain

The former university lecturer began using cannabis illegally around two years ago.

The 32-year-old opted for cannabis after the strong opioid drugs, including morphine and fentanyl, she was prescribed left her feeling “zombied” while still in pain.

Last month, she was prescribed medicinal cannabis by Greater Manchester-based private pain specialist Dr David McDowell in what they believe is a UK first.

The three-month prescription will cost her around £2,500.

She hopes that if she can show it is helping her chronic pain, it could “open the floodgates” for the government to decide to pay for the treatment for herself and others.

“In terms of money this is going to cost me everything I have, so two and a half grand for three months’ supply,” she said in a Facebook video.

“The reason I’m putting this on the line is I feel this is a route to getting an NHS prescription.”

The drug is having to be imported from the Netherlands and Ms Barton is unsure when she will be able to collect her medication – which consists of two flower-based cannabis products.

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She will take a gramme of each product every day.

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