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UK based Nigerian mum teaches son who broke her curfew a lesson



A UK based Nigerian mum took to Twitter, to narrate how she dealt with her son who broke her curfew with his new car.

According to Adetutu Balogun, she tracked his car and drove it home with the spare, and her son got uneasy thinking it was stolen. The UK based Nigerian mum wrote;

My son went out last night & he broke my curfew. l track his car, got a taxi & drove his car home with the spare key. 3 hours after he called me: Son: Mum! l can’t find my car! Omg!  Moi: Your car came home earlier observing my curfew! Son: Mum!!! Moi: Son! jog home!

This is coming few days after a Twitter user took to the platform to share the response his mom gave him, after he told her he lost his virginity at 10. @Sesnell wrote;

My mum’s response when i told her i lost my virginity at 10

Mum: i am not even surprised, the moment i saw your after given birth to you i knew u were going be a prostitute

Me: what?

Mum: u’re lucky u decided to tell me this secret at old age, i for beat crase comot ur head

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