Twins she welcomed were through a surrogate?

Twins she welcomed were through a surrogate?

Reports have it that actress Funke Akindele who recently welcomed twin baby boys at an undisclosed hospital in Los Angeles had the babies via a surrogate. The Crux of the matter bothers on the authenticity of the claim by the actress that she was pregnant with the kids.

Sources close to the star actress insisted that she wasn’t pregnant, while others were vague in their responses to the IVF theory.

Inside sources reveal that Funke Akindele had her twins through surrogacy which she opted for after a few failed attempts at getting pregnant. She allegedly lost a pregnancy with twins in 2017 and another with triplets.

Recall that a prophet Olagoroye Faleyimu gave a revelation that the actress would not bear children. This heightened the doubt that she was truly pregnant with the twins she welcomed. The fact that she also came back to Nigeria early after having the twins in America also heightened the doubt.

Findings reveal that it takes at least three months for any woman who delivers her baby in the US to leave the country. This is because a series of processes are usually involved, especially in facilitating passport for the baby.

A keen observer of the unfolding event pointed out that Funke Akindele’s former lover and colleague, actor Femi Adebayo and his wife, Aduke, welcomed their first child together on the same day she allegedly had her twins. Yet, Adebayo’s wife is still in the US with her. Encomium contributed to this report.


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