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Tope Mark-Odigie gives clarity on her statement that men own women – Nigeria News



Nigeria News

TVC Presenter Tope Mark-Odigie, has given clarity on her controversial statement that men own women.

Tope Mark-Odigie gives clarity on her statement that men own women lailasnews

Earlier today Tope John-Odigie made a contoversial statement while herself and her colleagues debated on the trending story of a man residing in festac town who connived with his doctor to remove the womb of his wife without her consent.

Tope earlier stated that if we want to do culture, then we should be 100% with it as traditional weddings have been created to give the impression that a woman is being bought by her husband.

Tope in a post she shared on her social media handle this evening, said she does not in anyway support this idea where women are objectified and handed over as some property to men as our culture dictates. She says she hopes that the comments will help bring to the fore the need for this cultural mindset to be expunged.

Read post below;

“I have seen multiple tweets, comments, prayers and curses.

Let me set the records straight.

My comments on the show depict the reality of our society, which I don’t agree with, but is our TRUTH.
It is our CULTURE, we don’t need to like it, but we must not play ostriches.

We must face it head on and address it.

As long we celebrate the buying of women (in the name of TRADITIONAL WEDDING) our men will feel entitled to do whatever pleases them with their possessions.

We must change this negative culture that has perpetually “OBJECTIFIED” women.

Culture has evolved over many generations.
We have continually expunged parts that do not serve us – like the killing of twins and albinos.

It is time to expunge seeing women as Properties .
It is time to expunge buying and selling of women.
It’s time to expunge all violence against women.”