Actress Juliet Ibrahim has called on thunder to strike any man who is dating more than one lady. With Valentine’s day fast apporaching, the beautiful actress took to social media with praises for men who have only one girlfriend.

Thunder strike any man who’s dating more than one woman – Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim said:

“To all the guys with one girlfriend may God bless you financially this year! Amen.”

She however cautioned her followers who have more than one girlfriend to not type amen so as to avoid incurring the wrath of thunder.

She continued:

“If you type Amen and you know you’re lying the thunder, the thunder”.

Juliet Ibrahim is an actress who frequently features in Nigerian and Ghanaian movies. She once dated Nigerian rapper Iceberg Slim. Their relationship however ended up in disaster with both of them washing their dirty linen in public.

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