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Throwback: When Ajimobi said Yinka Ayefele’s music house is the best in Oyo State – Nigeria News



Nigeria News

Here is an epic throwback to 2016, when Governor Ajimobi revealed that people wanted Ayefele’s music house to be demolished, but he said ‘its the best radio studio in Oyo State.’

Throwback_ When Ajimobi said Yinka Ayefele's music house is the best in Oyo State lailasnews

This morning, Nigerians woke up to the news and pictures of Yinka Ayefele’s radio house in Ibadan has been demolished by the Oyo State government.

As reactions to the development continues, this 2016 radio interview with Governor Ajimobi who had just been re-elected for his second term in office re-surfaced online.

In the interview, Governor Ajimo visited the Yinka Ayefele Music House and granted an interview to Fresh FM located inside the building where he revealed that some people within his cabinet were urging him to demolish the radio station because Yinka Ayefele does not support them. He was quoted saying;

“Thank God we didn’t heed the advice to demolish this building. I thank God I didn’t demolish this building. And I can say this is the best radio station I have visited in Oyo State.”

Listen to the full interview below;