Funke Olayode became the talk of the social media some few days ago after she made lengthy posts on some Nigerian celebrities, whom she claimed jeopardized her music career.

The lady who is considered not mentally balanced by some people even laid curses on top Nigerian clergyman Bishop David Oyedepo.

There was robbery attack on my career - Funke Olayode lailasnews

Funke Olayode may not be the household name when it comes to music. But music lovers will recall with nostalgia how her song, To ba joun togba, made waves some years ago.

The song was the Yoruba version of Canadian singer, Celine Dion’s hit track, If that’s what it takes, and it resonated with fans because of Olayode’s smooth voice and Yoruba lyrics.

At the height of her career, she was dubbed ‘African Celine Dion’. However, the singer abruptly disappeared from the radar and many wondered what could have become of her.

When Sunday Scoop reached out to her to find out why she authored the controversial post, Olayode said:

“I am not really interested in talking about it because what am I selling? It has been 19 years now. Why do I have to talk now? I cannot blame you for wanting to find out because there are people out there who want to know what I’ve been up to.

However, I am not interested. It has been a journey. There was a robbery attack on my career; it is as simple as that. I live in Ogbomoso (Oyo State) now. That is my home town and I live each day as it comes; I am engaged in petty trading.

As of now, I am not ‘cooking’ any music. I was the one who made the post on Facebook; it is not a fake account. I put it on my Facebook page that anybody who wants to interact with me should pay some money into my account. You may be wondering why I am talking to you though you did not pay any money. I guess it’s because I’m in a good mood at the moment.”

On whether she has quit music totally, Olayode said:

“I came to this life to do music; there’s no way I can drop it. Like I said earlier, there was a robbery attack on my career. There are people who have been blocking my way.

I don’t have any power of my own to do anything (to them). No one knows tomorrow (so I may still make music). Anything can happen.”

Asked to name the people who masterminded the robbery on her career, she said:

“Has it not been confirmed? It is everywhere. It has been said that every Nigerian is a criminal, except me. I am 44-year-old; so, I have seen a lot.”

Prodded to share her experiences to help younger ones from making the same mistakes she did, Olayode said:

“If it is about the younger ones, please I am not interested. I don’t wish anybody well in life. Nobody wished me well or made me happy in life, so what’s my business with the younger ones? Anybody who needs advice in the industry should go to the people who are up there so they can show them how they got there.

They don’t need me. I am not the definition of success; so nobody needs to ask me for advice on coming up in the industry. I don’t care about anyone in life.”