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Video: Adekunle Gold – “Young Love” (Acoustic Version) with Clout Nigeria

Adekunle Gold releases the Acoustic Version of his new single “Young Love”.

Alternative and r’n’b artiste, Adekunle Gold goes Live with Clout Nigeria to make the Acoustic Version of ‘Young Love‘. He turns the first act to launch the new platform for recording artiste. The Lyrics of this smash alternate song comes alive on this session, you will get to love the jam more.

This is the version you want to play for your lady lover while she’s sleeping before she wakes up. Enjoy!

Lere Olayinka shades Nigeria police for rading Abuja residence of Biodun Fatoyinbo over rape allegation levelled against him by Busola Dakolo

As Tweeted by Ayo Fayose;s media aide, Lere Olayinka in reaction to the recent police raid on the Abuja residence of COZA pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo over the rape allegation levelled against him by Busola Dakolo.The post Lere Olayinka shades Nigeria police for rading Abuja residence of Biodun Fatoyinbo over rape allegation levelled against him by Busola Dakolo appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Nigeria was created by Colonialists to provide raw materials for industries in Europe

Pastor Sam Adeyemi, founder of Daystar Christian Center, has called on Nigerian leaders to lead a national discussion for the creation of a new Nigeria. According to him, Nigeria as created by the colonials, was created to provide raw materials for industries in Europe. 

Nigeria slashes visa fees for US citizens

Barely 24 hours after the US authorities increased the cost of visa application for Nigerians under a tit for tat policy, FG has announced a reduction in the amount payable by citizens of the U.S seeking Nigerian visas.


The Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, said the FG has approved a reduction in visa charges payable by United States citizens from $180 to $150.


In a statement, the US consulate in Nigeria had said America was “reciprocating” the extra visa fee the Nigerian government charges its citizens. The consulate had explained that the extra cost would be applicable to only those whose visa requests were granted.


It had said while America charges Nigerians $160  for visa application, its citizens seeking Nigerian visa were paying $110 extra. The U.S. State Department said the visa fees were increased after 18 months of consultation with the Nigerian government, to make its visa fees for Americans proportional, failed.

1999 constitution is the reason Nigeria remains poor

Renowned legal practitioner, Afe Babalola has stated that the 1999 constitution is the reason Nigeria remains poor. 


Chief Afe Babalola made the claim after being conferred with the African Role Model and the African Union Agenda 2063 Ambassador awards by the African Union Economic Socio-Cultural Council on Tuesday August 27. 


The founder of Afe Babalola University alleged that the 1999 constitution has discouraged and crippled development in states. Proferring a solution, he stated that a true federal constitution will bring the much needed transformation in the country. 


“The 1999 constitution is, in large measure, responsible for the problems we have in Nigeria today. The constitution has discouraged and crippled development in the states. Consequently, Nigeria remains a poor country like most African countries,” he said.

“What Nigeria needs is a bill sponsored by the government, asking the senate to pass a law for the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference that the membership will be elected on zero party system.

“It is only through a true federal constitution that transformational leaders can emerge and a true Nigeria nation can emerge from over the 300 nations in the country. Africa needs leaders who can transform the continent. The renaissance has started in ABUAD. We have succeeded in nine years to transform education in the country.”

El-Zakzaky has Iran’s support to turn Nigeria to Islamic State

The Federal Government has alleged that the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, has the sole aim of establishing an Islamic State in Nigeria.  


The government also said the cleric had the full support of the Iranian government to achieve this aim. The government made these claims in a counter-affidavit it filed against IMN’s motion challenging the Federal High Court’s order of July 26 proscribing the group.  


Justice Nkeonye Maha of the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court who issued the proscription order, on Wednesday, fixed September 11 for the hearing of the motion filed on behalf of the IMN by Mr. Femi Falana (SAN).

Nnamdi Kanu is the most courageous and most powerful southern leader in Nigeria today

Birds of the same feather flock together. Courageous indeed. The cretinous buffoon heard ordinary police siren, fled into Cotonou and landed in London. Only a hero from the books of FFK would abandon his own followers despite promising to deliver his phantom Biafra Republic to his dreaming congregation. He’s been living off the sweats of his gullible, hero seeking and direction less ignoramuses. He plays on the illiteracy, stupidity and crass ignorance of his hungry disciples. Right now, he issues orders like a Sergeant Major to higher grade idiots to beat up their Igbo leaders anywhere they are found outside the shores of this blessed nation of ours. Part of his resume is attacking Jibril of Sudan while the real Buhari is dining on tuwo shinkafa with his beautiful Aisha in Aso Rock. The General from Daura is just getting ready for another four years to torment the inconsolable wailing wailers. Sometimes he’s amused by this cretin and uses toothpicks as derision of the jobless scammer scheming off millions of naira out of traders in Ariaria and Alaba markets. FFK would see him as his hero coz they belong to the same group of crooks; one is feeding on looted public funds while the other is eating buffet and travelling like a tourist with his followers’ monthly dues. Curiously, they could actually pass off as Siamese twins with their burnt red lips and knack for rabble rousing and gobbledygook.

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US Embassy in Nigeria increases tourism visa fee to N99, 900, blames FG for decision

The United States Embassy in Nigeria says effective from Thursday, August 29th this year, Nigerians applying for tourism, student and business visas will pay an additional $110 (N40, 700) to collect their visa if they are granted. This is asides the N59, 200 visa applicatuon fee.


According to a statement released by the Embassy today August 27th, applicants seeking the L1 Visa (work permit) will pay an extra N112, 100 if given visas while those applying for H4 Visa (dependency/spousal) will pay an extra N66, 600. The US Embassy adopted the rate of N370/$1 for Nigerians which is higher than both the official rate and the black market rate.


The Embassy says the increment was done based on reciprocity. It lamented that Americans seeking to come into Nigeria were being asked to pay exorbitant VISA fees by the Nigerian government and after all efforts to make the Federal government reduce the fee proved abortive, they took the decision to increase theirs.


The new Visa fees come less than four months after the US cancelled the drop box system for Nigerian visa applicants which used to allow Nigerians who have a travel history to the US to apply for visas without going for interviews at the embassy.


The statement reads

“Effective worldwide on August 29, Nigerian citizens will be required to pay a visa issuance fee, or reciprocity fee, for all approved applications for non-immigrant visas in B, F, H1B, I, L, and R visa classifications.

“The reciprocity fee will be charged in addition to the non-immigrant visa application fee, also known as the MRV fee, which all applicants pay at the time of application.  Nigerian citizens whose applications for a non-immigrant visa are denied will not be charged the new reciprocity fee. Both reciprocity and MRV fees are non-refundable, and their amounts vary based on visa classification.

“US law requires US visa fees and validity periods to be based on the treatment afforded to US citizens by foreign governments, insofar as possible.  Visa issuance fees are implemented under the principle of reciprocity: when a foreign government imposes additional visa fees on US citizens, the United States will impose reciprocal fees on citizens of that country for similar types of visas.

“Nationals of a number of countries worldwide are currently required to pay this type of fee after their non-immigrant visa application is approved.

“The total cost for a US citizen to obtain a visa to Nigeria is currently higher than the total cost for a Nigerian to obtain a comparable visa to the United States.  The new reciprocity fee for Nigerian citizens is meant to eliminate that cost difference.

“Since early 2018, the US government has engaged the Nigerian government to request that the Nigerian government change the fees charged to US citizens for certain visa categories.  After 18 months of review and consultations, the government of Nigeria has not changed its fee structure for U.S. citizen visa applicants, requiring the US Department of State to enact new reciprocity fees in accordance with our visa laws.

“The reciprocity fee will be required for all Nigerian citizens worldwide, regardless of where they are applying for a non-immigrant visa to the United States.  The reciprocity fee is required for each visa that is issued, which means both adults and minors whose visa applications are approved will be charged the reciprocity fee.  The fee can only be paid at the US Embassy or the US Consulate General.  The reciprocity fee cannot be paid at banks or any other location.”


The complete reciprocity fee schedule, organized by visa classification, can be found below.

Class Reciprocity Fee  
  B1 $110
  B2 $110
  B1/B2 $110












  I $210












The reciprocity tables displayed on travel.state.gov will be updated to reflect the changes above.


Women expose married men in Nigeria who co-rent apartments where they take turns living like bachelors with their girlfriends or gay partners

It seems some married men are getting more creative by the day judging by the alleged new tactics they employ to get away with cheating.


According to stories shared on social media, some married friends now come together and rent apartments in Lagos, where they take turns entertaining their lovers who are unaware they are married.


Apparently, it’s not peculiar to Lagos. One Eketi Edima Ette revealed that married men in Abuja do the same.

“I thought it was only the ones in Abuja who do this.
Three or four grown ass men will come together and co-rent apartments in Maitama and Wuse, and live like bachelors. They bring their girlfriends or gay partners there.
Some have wives and children in the same Abuja.
I see Lagos is also not being left behind. Make una continue” she said.


Another social media user, Eze Nwanyi exposed her married cousin who according to her, has houses in four different states in Nigeria where he entertains his ”girlfriends”, who are unaware of his marital status.


I have lost my independence

The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Tanko Muhammad cried out over loss of his independence while speaking at the 2019 General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) at the Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos.


Alleging that the Judiciary is not truly independent financially, the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) promised that the arm of goverment which he heads won’t lose “its firm grip on the mantle of honesty, transparency and integrity” because of it. 


He said: “By the grace of Almighty God, I will tenaciously hold on to that, even until that very moment of my last breath on earth.

“Let me assure this assembly that we don’t look at anybody’s face or feelings before making our decisions.

“If there is any deity to be feared, that deity is the Almighty God. We will never be subservient to anybody, no matter how highly placed.”


Also warning that the Supreme court will not hold back punishments from “blatant abusers of the court processes”, Muhammad pleaded with those preventing judicial independence to desist.


“Please, all that are concerned, let us enjoy our independence. If you say that I am independent, but in a way whether I like it or not, I have to go and bend down, asking (for funds) I have lost my independence” Muhammad said.


However the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Justice Minister Abubakar Malami (SAN) who represented President Buhari at the event, insisted that the Presidency is not dictating to the third arm of government. 


The Nation reported that he reiterated the Buhari-led administration’s commitment to strengthening institutions, Malami added that the current government has in time past accepted unfavourable court judgments.


He said: “We have had to disrupt the age-long wrong assumptions and historical narratives of the presumed immunity of sacred cows in our society, simply to demonstrate that henceforth the law will be used as a potent instrument to regulate the activities of all persons and institutions in our country in a fair and transparent manner.”





US firm shuts down in Nigeria, accuses staff of extortion

Dynamics Intelligence, a company operating from Redmond, United States has shut its operations in Nigeria over what its chairman alleged is extortions by its employees and contractors.    


Jenna Bourgeois, chairman of the company, made the announcement via his LinkedIn account and asked any company trying to do business in Nigeria to outsource to Indians.  


The company which engages in technology solutions, partners with Microsoft and Amazon to create custom cloud based productivity software. The software built upon the Microsoft Azure, PowerApps, PowerBI, Flow, and Dynamics 365 technologies are focused on healthcare, retail and government sectors.


On its website, the company says it plans to train 5,000 Nigerians in ‘Microsoft technologies’.  


Bourgeois said the closure of the company branch in Nigeria is as a result of the continued extortion by its employees and contractors, saying the company can no longer function in an environment of distrust.

“Effective immediately, we will be closing our operations in Nigeria. Over the last year, we have faced numerous examples of employees and contractors extorting the company.

While we kept giving Nigerians a chance to gain skills and employment, we cannot run a company when we can’t trust the people who work for us.  “Any company interested in conducting business in Nigeria can reach out to us to learn how to avoid being scammed by technical resources”  he wrote.

Man claims FBI Agents are already in Nigeria working with informants and Interpol extradition team after arrest of 77 Nigerians for fraud

A Twitter user, @GospelJosiah has alleged that some FBI Agents are currently in Nigeria working with informants and Interpol extradition team to crack down on fraudulent Nigerians.


‘Do you know FBI Agents are already in Nigeria working with informants and Interpol extradition team in place. It’s going to be a freaky end of 2019.’


This comes after 80 people including 77 Nigerians based in Los Angeles were arrested by the FBI for involvement in romance scams and wire fraud.