Suspected lunatic hack policeman, septuagenarian to death

Suspected lunatic hack policeman, septuagenarian to death

A suspect lunatic identified as At all at all, has been accused of killing a 75-year-old man, Olusegun Oyadele and a yet to be identified policeman, with a machete in the Ayeyemi area of Ondo state.

The lunatic who is well known in the community reportedly went on a rampage and was attacking people at will. One of his victims he hacked to death was the old man who was drying cocoa beans in front of his house, and a policeman who alongside his colleague came to arrest him.

“We don’t know why the madman attacked and killed the old man. When the matter was reported at the police station, a team of policemen was sent to the area to arrest the lunatic. As the policemen arrived at the scene, the madman also attacked and killed one of them with his machete. He injured four other people before running into a bush. Each time the policemen wanted to arrest him, he disappeared and reappeared like it was a prank. He finally disappeared into the bush and escaped arrest,”a source told Punch’s correspondent.

Confirming the attack, the State police PRO, Femi Joseph, said the lunatic was eventually arrested after a team of policemen, led by the Commissioner of Police, Mr Gbenga Adeyanju, chased him into the bush on Sunday. He added that the corpse of the deceased had been deposited in a morgue, while investigation had commenced.

“We have arrested him. The CP led a team of policemen, some hunters and vigilance group members to arrest him in Tekunle village. He is in our custody.”

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