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Stop pressuring people to get married



Nigeria News

Popular actress Juliet Ibrahim has sound a caution to all her fans and Ghanaians in general, saying they should stop pressuring people to get married.

The beautiful actress has asked that Ghanaians put a stop to asking when someone is going to get married.

Stop pressuring people to get married - Juliet Ibrahim lailasnews

Juliet Ibrahim might be speaking not just for herself but for a lot of people who are under pressure to get married.

Many celebrities are facing lots of pressure from their fans and some critics as to when they will get married.

But according to Juliet, it’s about time Ghanaians put a stop to this. She couldn’t fathom why people keep asking when someone will get married simply because their age mates are married.

She believes that the same way people’s age mates are dead yet no one asks anyone to die, then same should be done when it comes to matters of marriage.

The beautiful actress made this known via her Instagram page on Sunday, August 6, 2018. She wrote;

“Stop this habit of asking people to get married because their age-mates are married. Even you, some of your age mates have died but nobody has asked you to die.”