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Speed Darlington reacts to video of soldiers killing women and kids in Cameroon



Nigeria News

US based Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington has also reacted to the video of soldiers killing women and kids in Cameroon.

Speed Darlington reacts to video of soldiers killing women and kids in Cameroon lailasnews

According to Speed Darlington, he thought it was a video of soldiers fighting terrorists not knowing they were killing women and kids intentionally. He added that such use of violence, is why Nnamdi Kanu wants Biafra. He wrote;


First I thought these Are Soldiers killing terrorists and their wifes and I was mad, why kill his wife? is she a terrorist too? no. Then the more I watch the video I realize that these men are terrorist terrorizing villages. My heart is bleeding what did a baby do? did you have to kill a boy and his mother? Another woman was shot to death. Am I dreaming this is Islamic terrorist that wants to turn the whole continent into Allah Akbar continent. This is the kind of behavior that makes Nnamdi Kanu wants Biafra.

The footage showing two women, a child and a baby being shot dead by armed men in Cameroon, has led to accusations by Amnesty International that the country’s army may be carrying out killings.

In the video, which has been widely shared on social media, a woman is seen walking down a dirt track, holding a child by the hand. A man in military clothing and aviator sunglasses, with a rifle swinging from his shoulder, is holding her by the neck. As they walk, he periodically slaps her face.

Behind her walks another woman, with a baby tied to her back, and behind them a group of men. The men suspect the women of belonging to Boko Haram.

“BH, you’re going to die,” says the person recording the video, as they turn off the track and stop walking. The women are blindfolded and made to sit down.

“Yes, come here, little girl,” one soldier says to the child, who has let go of the woman’s hand. He removes her top and wraps it around her face. Then the soldiers open fire, killing all four women and children.