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South African stripper slammed for questioning dress of lady reportedly raped by Pastor Omotoso



A South African stripper who allegedly shamed Cheryl Zondi, one of the victims of sexual abuse in the hands of Pastor Omotoso, has been slammed by social media users.

The South African stripper, Lindi who shared a photo of Cheryl in a scanty outfit, expressed her surprise over the cloth worn by someone who was reportedly raped by Pastor Omotoso. However her post attracted comments from other social media users, who slammed her and further described her as a disgrace to womanhood.

Here is the exchange below;

This is coming after we reported that a church owned by Pastor Omotoso, the Nigerian Pastor accused of rape and sex trafficking was shut down by protesters in South Africa.

Angry protesters stormed the Port Elizabeth branch of Jesus Dominion International church, and while some South African news outlet reported that the service went ahead, before being shut down, ANC Youth Leagues’s Luyolo Nqakula, who is a member of the civil society group in Nelson Mandela Bay, disclosed that the police had shut down the church prior to the service today.

“We tried to engage the leadership of the church, they responded arrogantly and told us that they will not shut it down,” he said.

Complaints the Metro Police and SAPS got regarding inspections and zoning, health and safety issues around the church led to the discovery that the building has no certificate to operate and is not zoned to be used as a church.

Nqakula, disclosed that the discovery made the police shut down the church at 4 in the morning, ensuring that no Sunday service would take place. The church, which has branches across South Africa, is currently still up and running in several locations despite the current trial against its leader, Pastor Omotoso, who stands accused of 63 main charges and 34 alternative counts which include human trafficking, rape, sexual assault, racketeering, and conspiracy in aiding another person to commit sexual assault.