Some of my fans ask me to marry them – Oyemykke

Some of my fans ask me to marry them – Oyemykke

Motivational Speaker, Oyemykke, who is known for his socio-economic analysis, especially issues that affect Nigerian youths, has explained his relationship with his fans.

Here are excerpts from the interview Oyemykke granted Saturday Beats;

Some people think you post inspirational videos just because you are based in the UK and not in Nigeria. If you were based in Nigeria, would you still do these types of videos with the same contents?

People talk, I don’t worry a lot about that. I didn’t just become popular on the Internet; I had been polishing my craft for a long time. I had been networking, writing, and inspiring my friends.

If I lived under a rock, I would still motivate people there. It’s who I am naturally; it’s a force from within. Maybe the stories would have been a bit more different if I were there, but I don’t see it happening any other way.

What are some of the weird requests you get from your fans, especially the female ones?

I have received diverse requests; some of them say I should come and marry them, take them on random flights and fly to countries with a different time zone to hang out with them.

What is the highest or lowest amount of money you have made from your social media platform?

I don’t like to talk about my income; the lowest should be under £100. But my income is good enough that I can comfortably take care of myself and even raise a child on it.

I used to have a job but I quit few months after I realised I was making enough money from my social media platform. I am the son of a big businesswoman, so I am also a businessman, but (on a) low-key (scale).

Recently you made a remark about Banky W and it made some Nigerians criticise you. How did you feel when you saw those feedbacks?

I found them funny and I was laughing at the comments. You know, it’s more interesting watching thousands of people say what they truly feel about you.  I learnt a lot and I’m still learning a lot.  I understood where it was coming from.

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