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Singer Kehlani shows the world her 6-month baby bump



Nigeria News

American singer, Kehlani has finally showed the world her 6-month baby bump, also revealing that she was hesitant to post photos because of negative comments.

Singer Kehlani shows the world her 6-month baby bump lailasnews


Kehlani took to her Instagram page to share these adorable photos of her 6-month baby bump, while revealing that she has been hesitant to post photos about her pregnancy because of negative comments on social media.

Read what she wrote below;

Been hesitant to be all preggo on instagram because it seems to invoke some kind of crazy negativity in a lot of people and i want to protect mine and her energy alike. we are so healthy, happy, and abundant tho! we are more present than i have ever been alone, more strong than i have ever been on my own.

6 months and i feel like time is flying. this is my most favorite journey i have ever embarked on, the greatest path i have ever taken. navigating today’s day of mourning with the intention to heal up with loved ones, share nourishment in the form of yummy food and laughter, and gently remember history & the never ending fight of our ancestors to this day. thank you for everyone who has ever came before me, and love and strength to those who come next. not celebration, just giving thanks. gratitude always, in all ways. love you!