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Simi Ft. 2Baba – “Original Baby Remix” (MUSIC LYRICS)



Get down here now; Simi’s “Original Baby” track gat a new make-up on; we have 2Baba on this Remix. Oscar do this Maths (i.e, produced this song). Read up the Music Lyrics below.

(VERSE 1- Simi)

I’m just an ordinarY girl,

sitting in the hallway [in a hallway]

I no dey turn up oh, cos am a little boring [eheh]

But am the life of tHe party cos am kind of funny

Money don’t drive me, I drive my money [eh aih]

Well, na so the thing be; me I no go force you

to like what you see, eh eh [eh eh]

Because I come in peace, and na my peace ehn

reelmp3; thAt’s all I need eh eh

Everything’s not for everyone, and that is okay eh eh

You gotta take me as I am

I’ll be better, but I’ll nEver be somebody else


Original BabY

Eh, wherever you go, be yourself- Original Bobo

Ah ah ah, you can’t nevEr be somebody else- Original Baby

Eh ah, whatever you do, you better be true- Original Bobo

Jhor oh, no matter the pressure, be yourselF

(2Baba- VERSE 2)

See, for this life, eveRybody is a bona-fide member

Everybody get name wey them dey answer [eh eh]

You no go fit to use my eye be make you enTer
[oh Lord, oh Lord]

And as you enter, at the same time,

make yoU attend to your matter

Shine your eye, make you no go enter gutter

No be every door wey open, you go eNter [oh Lord, oh Lord]

Because, everything’s not for everyone, and that is okay eh eh

Just count your blEssings one-by-one and jeun soke

Because e matter how we be [oh oh]

It doesn’t matter wherE you be [where you be]

It doesn’t matter who we fit eh [eh eh]


It doesn’t matter what you see [oh na]

Anyhow, make you never be somebody elsE



OriginAl Baby; oh oh ohhh

Wherever you go, be yourself- Original Bobo

Oh na, you can’t never be somEbody else- Original Baby

Eh eh ehh, whatever you do, you better be true- Original Bobo

Eh aihh, no mattEr the pressure, be yourself

(Simi- VERSE 3)

See, nobody perfect- no be lie

I’ve gat flaws- I can’t deNy

But everybody get hin personality oh- personality oh oh oh ohh

My guy makE you live your life full- ah ahh ahh

Person wey love you, go love you die- ah hhhh ahh

But you can never satisFy society oh- society oh ohh ohh

(CHORUS/VERSE 4- Simi x 2Baba)

Original Baby

Any how wey e be, make yoU no go ever play yourself

– Original Bobo

You be yourself! If them like, make them talk

But you gat to show yourself; oh oh ohh- Original Baby

Jowo ohh, jowo, you beTter just be yourself, oh oh- Original Bobo

No matter where you dey, my brother

No matter who you be, my sister, oh oh- Original Baby

Don’t let nobody tell you; they know not good enough, eh eh

– Original Bobo;

Say no bae, what a bae; don’t let nobody stand in your way

[- Original Baby]; EverydAy, God dey

Anyhow you do, you relate with God [no one can be like you…]

[- Original Bobo]; …and you can be like nobody

No matter the pressure, be Yourself!

[MUSIC LYRICS]: Simi Ft. 2Baba – “Original BaBy (Remix)”

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