In a clear case of getting served right, a shop attendant slapped a disrespectful client for sexually harassing her, by pushing his body against her.

Video_ Shop attendant slaps client for sexually harassing her lailasnews

The 47-year-old man identified as Walter Omar Giordano, was arrested, on Friday, for sexually harassing a 28-year-old shop attendant at Lomas del Mirador in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Giordano had initially been slapped by the lady for thrusting his groin against her while she was trying to get him some sweets from a shelf.

A CCTV footage released by the lady, shows the suspect edging closer and pushing up against her. She then turns around and slaps him.

Police say the bespectacled, bearded customer is 47-year-old painter Walter Omar Giordano.

He can be seen walking nonchalantly out of the shop after the incident.

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Giordano, was battered by residents of the area, few days later, after he returned to the shop. He was only rescued by the police, who quickly rushed to the scene.

Giordano reportedly claims he ‘only stood by her, nothing else’ and that he did not regret the incident.

‘Everything is recorded. I have to go to take the pension of my mum and they are breaking my balls,’ he reportedly said.

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