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See origin of Na Dem Dey Rush Us viral trend (Fine Boys Like Us



Nigeria News

Nigerians woke up one morning to very hilarious memes and videos of the latest slang in town “Na dem dey rush us‘. Celebrities even jumped on the viral trend and everyone has had a good laugh on the viral slang.

If you have wondering how it all started, press play to watch this video below.

See origin of 'Na Dem Dey Rush Us' viral trend lailasnews

Apparently, the phrase sprung up from a scene in a old Nigerian movie and for some reason it caught the attention of whoever started this trend.

In the video, the character Chijioke (Charles Inojie) is pictured telling a woman he was trying to woo, Kate (Ruth Kadiri):

“Fine boys like us, we no dey too follow women like that. Na dem dey rush us”

Very hilarious, press play to watch: