A man who found his girlfriend was cheating on him had devised a rather comical way of welcoming the cheating girlfriend at the Airport.

See how man welcomed cheating girlfriend at the Airport lailasnews 2
See how man welcomed cheating girlfriend at the Airport

The photo of the man, standing in the airport in Melbourne, Australia with a huge sign saying “I KNOW YOU CHEATED” was posted on Twitter last Wednesday by twitter user Krystal.

He was apparently waiting for the “cheater” to come through the airport.

The twitter user posted the photo with the caption:

At Melbourne airport today  he was waiting to greet his cheating partner… I AM DECEASED

The thread has been retweeted 25 000 and given 75 000 likes so far.

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See reactions from others:

*** From the look of that sandals he got on, i wld’ve cheated too. That sandals were cancelled way back chile

*** The fact that so many people would “cheat on him because of his sandals” is also the reason that so many of y’all “can’t find a good man”

*** Birkenstock’s are the comfiest sandals I’ve ever owned

*** He’s wearing shorts in an airport. He got what he deserves.

*** Man. He’s airing out his laundry for everyone to see. You want him to iron it too?!?

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