A man has thrown his full support behind the back of his teenage virgin son who won ticket to sex festival in the Caribbean.

The boy named Brian, who is originally from Chile but now lives in New York, apparently entered a competition for a ticket with his father’s credit card without telling him.

See how father reacted after virgin son won ticket to sex festival lailasnews 3
See how father reacted after virgin son won ticket to sex festival

Organisers claim Brian’s mother was furious but his father has given him permission to attend the event, which promises unlimited sex and starts on Wednesday on a mystery island.

The festival promises three nights of erotic bliss where men who pay £4,600 get at least two ‘Latina’ girls each.

Last month organisers offered a chance to win a golden ticket for an all-expenses-paid trip to the festival which boasts a ‘drugs friendly environment’.

They claimed thousands had bought merchandise from their online store after announcing that each item would give the buyer one entry into the draw.

Yesterday the organisers said Brian had won the ticket.

Brian is said to have told them:

‘I bought a phone case and a bag for $60. After seeing the videos from Sex Island I just wanted to be there, but never imagined I would actually win. I used my dad’s credit card without telling him.

‘I received an email last week telling me I’d won the golden ticket. I couldn’t believe what I was reading, I thought I was dreaming.

‘When I told my parents they were very angry. But then my dad researched about it and liked what he saw too. He decided that I could go, and signed a permission slip because I’m not an adult.’

Although his mother is said to be still against the trip, Brian said he will today fly to Piarco International Aiport in Trinidad and Tobago, where his trip begins.

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From there, a group of 50 men will be taken to the docks, where a luxury yacht will transport them to the mystery island, according to organisers the Good Girls Company.

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