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See crazy thing lady did after meeting boyfriend’s “ordinary” girlfriend – Nigeria News



Nigeria News

A Nigerian lady has revealed the crazy thing she did after meeting her boyfriend’s ordinary girlfriend.

The lady Florence Hungbo took to her Twitter page to share her experience after meeting her boyfriend with another lady in the house.

So, last week I paid a visit to my boyfriend and this happened. Issa Thread.

When he came to open the door, I noticed the pant he wore was wet and I quickly cracked a joke, this one your pant is like this ‘kiloshele ganhan’?

He said his ordinary girlfriend is in the bedroom😤

I was like ordinary girlfriend in the room? He said Yes that, she just wanted to take a nap and I was like why didn’t she go into the guest room? Next thing he went on his kneels saying “babe I am sorry” and me was like, stop it you haven’t done anything, sit down let’s watch TV

I switched on the TV and was feeling so cool with myself waiting for ordinary girlfriend to wake up and comma be going. Guess what, she wasn’t even sleeping but ashamed madam has caught cheaters plus she was too scared to come to the livingroom but rather, she shut the door. Gbam

In between, she has been calling our boyfriend to come inside the room but the fear of Bodex didn’t even allow him go. After so many hours, our boyfriend went maybe to ask her to leave and I think she requested lights be put off. Our boyfriend came out and put off the lights.

I was like why put off light na? He quickly put it on and then sat with me. Ordinary girlfriend stayed so many hours and finally summoned the courage to come out and walked like an offended snail🤣 I was like hey girl hope you enjoyed yourself, have a nice day and she took off😂

Told my boyfriend to change the mattress, bed spread and pillows because I didn’t want any nonentity sweat to mix with my destiny🤣

He did all that and I told him to go shower, brush and clean up. He did.

I asked,did I offend you before?He said No. Do I satisfy you? Yes he said

Then suddenly, I changed the environment to a much friendly one and he got carried away not knowing my intention. Gave him the sex of his life for good 12hours with breaks in between, food, fruits, gist and we even gisted about the girl he slept with and we laughed so loud🤣🤣🤣

Next day, he said *baby I am truly sorry for all that happened*

I cleaned up, made his bed, made him breakfast and kissed him *GOODBYE, ITS OVER BETWEEN US AND HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE TOTAL MEAL*Wink

The look on his face changed and tears dropped like that of Atlantic Ocean. Yinmu

So Ladies/Gentleman, breaking up from cheating partners shouldn’t always be curses, abuses or fights. You can actually end any Unprofitable/Toxic relationship with profitable actions that will leave betrayals wow for the rest of their lives.

Did I do well?

Ire ooo