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Safaree caught creeping on Nicki Minaj’s Instagram page (watch video)



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Safaree was caught creeping on Nicki Minaj‘s Instagram page yesterday and fans are asking if he’s really feeling Nicki Minaj’s new Queen album or he’s in his feelings about their past relationship.

Nicki Minaj’s exboyfriend was caught by social media comedian Shiggy who shared a hilarious clip of the moment Safaree was literally browsing through his ex-girlfriend’s IG account with so much attention.

Shiggy said as he shared the video:

Safaree caught creeping on Nicki Minaj's Instagram page (watch video) lailasnews

“Yo this nigga here sneakin’ on Nicki’s page. My Boy @iamsafaree Reminiscing 😂😂😂😂😂 @nickiminaj He Want That Old Thing Back,” he captioned the post.

Press play to watch:

Now it’s very possible this was staged to get a rise out of people or maybe Safaree was reading comments about her album, but either way you can’t say Safaree isn’t at least intrigued with Nicki still.

Some people believe Shiggy did this to get the focus off his ‘cheating‘ scandal and onto something else. If you missed it, Shiggy was caught sliding into the DM’s of a woman in Toronto asking her to come to his hotel, but considering he has a girlfriend it blew up in his face and he publicly apologized.

Watch the video here:

Do you think Safaree still wants to be back with Nicki Minaj?