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Rihanna slays in satin kimono at friend’s wedding in Barbados – Nigeria News



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Popular American singer, Rihanna slayed in satin kimono as she took on bridesmaid duties at friend’s wedding in Barbados.

Rihanna slays in satin kimono at friend's wedding in Barbados lailasnews

Rihanna who is used to being number one amongst, well, really anyone, went from top billing to being an honorable bridesmaid since it was her girl Sonita’s wedding.

Sharing several snaps to Instagram, the 30-year-old singer revealed herself to be a participant in the ceremony in the form of a bridesmaid.


As she was getting ready, she donned a satiny peach-hued kimono with the word ‘Bridesmaid’ embroidered on the back in gold script.

Her soon-to-be married friend sported a similar garment, though hers boasted more of a pale violet color.

Riri parted her raven locks straight down the middle and tied them back into a long ponytail.

Long dangly gold earrings appeared to be her only accessory, while dark eye-liner, subtle blush and dark rose lipstick ensured the recording star was ready for the inevitable plethora of pictures.

The multi-Grammy-winner supplied her 64.3 million Instagram followers with two photos from the preparations, including a short clip of her and her friend wagging their behinds at the camera.

The second was a simple selfie showing both women smiling at the camera.

While it was no doubt a haul to get to Barbados for the big event, it may have in fact been a shorter trip than observers would be expecting.

See photos below;

Rihanna slays in satin kimono at friend's wedding in Barbados lailasnews 1