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Renowned lawyer reportedly caught having sex with a teenage girl



A renowned lawyer was reportedly caught having sex with a teenage girl by a staff at his firm, who accused him of being a pedophile.

The staff at the firm who disclosed that he will be resigning on Monday, disclosed that the 65-year-old renowned lawyer is married and even has an 8-year-old daughter. According to him, he now understands why secondary school students visit their firm.

His tweets reads;

My Boss Is A Pedophile, I Caught Him Today Smooching A Teen Girl. He’s 65, Married With A Daughter Of About 8years. Definitely Tendering My Resignation By Monday (Corroborative Reason).

He’s A Reknown Lawyer…I Can’t. I Usually See Secondary School Visit It…But Today I Understand The Reason For Their Visits. They’re Even Below That Age Sef. Our Formal Sec. Resigned Cos Of His Assault