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Reminisce Ft. Falz x ShodyTheTurnUpKing – “Faize Yi” (LYRICS ENGLISH TRANSLATION & MEANING)




Less we forget, read our Lyrics English Translation and Meaning to the song ‘Faize Yi (Mo Mo Face Yi)’, by Reminisce Alaga Ibile, featuring Falze and ShodyTheTurnUpKing. Produced by Sess.


Awon scholar ti wOle oh; oga
: them scholars have entered; hey

Ibile! Oga, je o n mo
: Native! Hey, let them know

(VERSE 1- Reminisce)

Awon omo #small-girl-big-God
: them girls of small girl, big God
MEANING: That’s the trending hash tag and slang in town (variant of small boy, big God)

We know what you really want is big broad
: –  –   –    –     –    –     –     –     –     –    –   –

Mo ri yin n’Ikeja t’e Wo flip flop
: I saw you at Ikeja, that you wore flip flop

You told me you’re going for a quick job

Fit Fam, Slay Mama; reelmp3

Awon recent photograph mi: am Slay Papa
: them   –    –    –    –   – of me: am Slay Papa

G-Boy loko SlaY Mama; Rapper loko Actress
:   –  is the husband of Slay Mama; Rapper is the husband of Actress
MEANING: How come I think everyone already knows G-Boy (as opposed to My-G or Real-G, which now means ‘my close and good friend’) means ‘Yahoo Boy’ (internet fraudster)…lol. And, Reminisce pairing G-Boy with Slay Mama, we can infer Slay Mama means ‘Olosho’ (coded prostitute) in this song (though Slay Mama or Slay Queens can be a bit neutral and not that bad slang for beautiful and elegantly dressed ladies).

I promise you, you’ll like my mattress
:   –    –    –    –     –     –    –    –    –   –

Mo mo Iyabo Ojo, mo mo Mercy, Ini Edo
: I know Iyabo Ojo, I know Mercy, Ini Edo
MEANING: Iyabo Ojo, Mercy Aigbe, Ini Edo (are all Actresses; first two are famous in Yoruba Nollywood, while Ini Edo acts only English Nollywood).

: Odunlade is just fronting

See, I don’t usually do this
:  –    –    –    –    –    –    –

E duro na, e kawe kosi Massachusetts
: hollup; *you studied in   –    –    –   –

A b’eyin ni mo ri n’igbakan?
: or you’re the one I saw some times in the past?

Ninu supermarket t’e ti n ra nkan?
: in the supermarket that you’re buying something?

Bi eni p’e sanwo, e tun ja gan?
: it appears like you didn’t pay, and you’re even fighting?

Hun ba foot bill yin, but emi ti fa nkaN
: I would have foot your bill, but I was high (on Mary J *MariJuana)


Aunty, o da’pe Mo Mo FaizE Yi?
: Ma’am, it seems like I Know This (your) Face? 

Bett, I can’t really place it
: but   –     –     –    –    –

Orhn, eyan Soskaja, eyan Van Nisterooy
:   –  – person of Soskaja, person of Van Nisterooy

Ehn ehn; o da’pE Mo Mo Face Yi now?
: yes, truly; it seems like I Know This (your) Face, indeed?

E ma n se film, right?
: you do act films, right?

Eyan Soskaja, Jimmy Fresh Soskaja


: person of Soskaja,  –    –     –     –
BY THE WAY: who is Soskaja?… really, me no know; if you know you know; and let us know too…lol

NO wonder, mo so pe Mo Mo Faize Yi jhor
: I thought as much, I said I Know This Face, please

Urn urn; sEb’eyin mo Soskaja?
:   –    -; but you, you know Soskaja?

Eyan Kendrick ‘Lawal’, se mo get e?
: person of Kendrick Lawal (Lamar), did I get it?

Ehn ehn, mo so pe Mo Mo FaizE Yi seh
: yes, truly; I said it that I Know This (your) Face, indeed?

Ah ah, you’re a movie star?
:  –     –     –     –     –     –   –

Ah ah, eyan Soskaja
:   –   – person of Soskaja


(Falz- VERSE 2)

Mo Mo Faize Yin, mo promisE
: I know your face, I promise

Okay; aburo Rita Dominic; [yes now]? 
: okay; younger sister of Rita Dominic –  – ?

You finished from Unilag, at least [of course]?

THat you usEd to carry Gucci Bag like this

Student Union; are you the Treasurer?

Are you not the one that is dating our lecturer? [I knew it]

E fe jo Omo TobacCo Trinidad
: you kind of resemble one Tobacco Trinidad lady

O fe jo pe a ti meet ni Jimmy Kara Boulevard
: it kind of seems like we’ve met at Jimmy Kara Boulevard [Georgia]
MEANING: kind of a location: Jimmie Kerr Boulevard in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Nigba ti mo bAse ni Atlanta [of course]
: when I was based in Atlanta –   –   –

Although, mo ri face yin ni Ghana [that’s right]
:  –   –  –  I saw your face (you) in Ghana  –   –

Emi pelu yin ni history [history]
: me and you have history –

I think I met yoU on a Eatery [Eatery oh]

Victoria Island, one evening [I swear down]

You’re pricing **scornsur ₦150


(VERSE 3- ShodyTheTurnUpKing)

T’on play pelu ‘Sè Wenger
: that plays with Arsène Wenger

Scuse Me pretty damsel
: Excuse me, pretty damsel

O da’pe Mo Mo Faize Yi now
it seems like I Know This (your) Face, really? 

Ah, e ma n se bi Blue Film
:  –  you do act porrn movies

*Joy-orami oh;
: *hey it tickles me

Ahh, e jen ni contact yin now
: –  – let me have your contact (number)

But mo wa in hasTe
: but I’m in haste

E take care
: do take care

[LYRICS ENGLISH TRANSLATION AND MEANING)]: Reminisce Ft. Falz x ShodyTheTurnUpKing – “Faize Yi (Mo Mo Face Yi)”

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