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Real story behind case of student tortured at Okoh Poly over food theft



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Real story behind case of student tortured at Okoh Poly over food theft.

Just some few days back,  Story about a female student at Okoh Polytechnic, Anambra State, who was accused of stealing food from her friend and consequently tortured, hit the social media and it caused a whole lot of outrage.

Real story behind case of student tortured at Okoh Poly over food theft lailasnews 3

The student identified as Cynthia was reported to have eaten her friend, Chioma’s food without permission and so she was dealt with for that.

Real story behind case of student tortured at Okoh Poly over food theft lailasnews
Real story behind case of student tortured at Okoh Poly over food theft

But in another twist to the story, a Facebook user has come online to post that the alleged food theft was a lie and the real story behind the torture was an alleged business deal gone wrong.


The real story of the Okoh food theft.

First of all, it wasn’t because of food as circulated initially, both girls are/were room mates but the issue started around June 2018 when the girl that initiated the attack (Chioma from Ifitedunu, her real name) had a business with her room mate (Cynthia from Mbaukwu, her real name) and Chioma agreed to give Cynthia N5000 but she didn’t keep to her agreement. They are both ND1 students of Federal Polytechnic Okoh.

According to Cynthia, Chioma is perceived to be a ‘rich man’s daughter’ and also an Okoh Slay queen who makes her money outside her Dad’s funding so she always feel Cynthia has all her details and often gossips with her information.

Cynthia waited for the agreed N5000 from Chioma and after a long while, she mentioned the situation between her and Chioma to another friend. The friend advised her that since she has Chioma’s ATM card and details she should withdraw her money from the Chioma’s account and so she went ahead got the Pre-agreed 5k. When the school security got involved, Cynthia paid the N5K back to Chioma.

Chioma as expected didn’t take the incident lightly and started planning a revenge which involves a flogging festival. On the day in question, which was their final exams day for the semester. After the paper, Chioma left the exam halls early for home before Cynthia to carry out her plan. Cynthia arrived home to meet 4 of Chioma’s female friends and immediately she entered they locked the door, poured water mixed with pepper on her face and started flogging her.

She cried and cried but no one came to her rescue, after flogging her mercilessly, they ordered her not to inform anyone else under the threats that she will be dealt with . She took pictures of her and posted it Facebook that she stole her room mate’s food.

The case was reported to the School’s security unit from where it was later transferred to Okoh Police division. The DPO took it up and claim that he will make arrest of the girls not until Chioma’s father visited him and then he get case changed.

He is no longer talking about arrests nor any proper handling of the Chioma and her fellow culprits. Cynthia has been bedridden in a hospital since it happened as you can see from the video.

After the post went viral on Social Media, many good Nigerians all over the world are in search of her contact to help her out. An NGO Hope and Mercy Foundation Nigeria has taken it upon themselves to take up the case and make sure Chioma gets her reward for unleashing such a devilish act on Cynthia.

Watch the video:

You can call Nonso Ezeagu Otigba on 08037623838 who has taken it up to make sure Chioma get what she deserve for beating Cynthia that way. You can also make the necessary contribution to the NGO as they are collectively making arrangement for a donation to the girl.