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Rapist freed as Rivers Police allegedly ask victim’s mother to provide prosecution money

A rapist has been freed by Rivers Police, who allegedly asked the 3-year-old victim’s mother to provide prosecution money for the case to be taken up.

The rapist who was freed is reportedly now at large, as the victim’s mother who was asked to provide prosecution money backed out as there was no money for such action. Facebook user, Ify Oyinkansola Onyegbule who shared the report wrote;

This human being sexually molested a 3 year old in Rivers state…the police demands money from the girl’s mother to prosecute the case?

The woman backs out because there is no money for such action? Her daughter has been broken and damaged for life? Goshhhh!!!

I think the government needs to wake up to its responsibility and take up this woman’s case, why should the poor continue to suffer?

This man here i hear has walked free and is at large?

Please when will the trumpet sound?

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