Racist white woman attacks Chinese woman on a train (Video)

Racist white woman attacks Chinese woman on a train (Video)

A racist Caucasian woman was filmed physically assaulting a Chinese woman on a train in New York City. It is not exactly clear what angered the White woman.

The White woman kicked the Asian woman, brought out an umbrella from her bag with which she hit her several times, and also hit her with a set of keys.

Other commuters tried to stop her but she wouldn’t budge. At some point, someone pointed out to her that the Asian woman wasn’t even fighting her back.

Passengers took it personally when the white woman uttered a racist word. She called the woman “Cheng” and passengers warned her.

Someone told her that her white privilege will not work today and warned her to desist from making racist utterances. Another can be heard saying that it’s clear she voted for Donald Trump, with her kind of behaviour. They warned her that they’ll call the police but the woman continued her attack on the Asian woman.

Someone can be heard making a phone call to police. She was eventually detained by passengers and when they got to a stop, police arrived to arrest he

See a clip of the incident below;

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