Prada suffers backlash over ‘racist’ window display

Prada suffers backlash over ‘racist’ window display

The Italian luxury fashion house, Prada, has been slammed over a presumable racist window display, though the company has denied the claims.

Chinyere Ezie, a staff attorney for the Center for Constitutional Rights, called out a Prada store in New York on Twitter for the use of blackface.

In a Tweet, Ezie shared more photos of Prada’s display of black monkeys with inflated red lips that resembled depictions of blackface from the 20th century. Sharing the photos he wrote;

Thanks to #blackface @Prada, now you can take #sambo home with you for the holidays #StopRacism #StopBlackface #StopPrada

The brand, Prada, responded to the allegation, denying any form of racism, they wrote;

That the monkey-like character is part of its Pradamalia line, which the company’s website describes as the brand’s “new family of mysterious creatures.” The company insists that none of the charms are meant to be racist.

Although, the display has been removed at the Prada store after the backlash over blackface allegations from the public.

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