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Poverty will not end in Nigeria



Nigeria News

A Nigerian man identified as Kaycee Ichie Oguejiofor, has taken to his Facebook page to write on why he thinks poverty in Nigeria will not end anytime soon.

Poverty will not end in Nigeria - Facebook user writes lailasnews 2
Poverty will not end in Nigeria – Facebook user writes

In his own opinion, Nigerian are so much particular about sex and this is the main reason for the population explosion in the country.


He writes:

It is safe to say that poverty will not end anytime soon in Nigeria. All we do is fuck, drink and Fuck again. I know this because I literally lived in hotels this year, and as early as 7 am people going to work will branch the hotel for nacks on their way back they will still branch for nacks.

In between their children will come for nacks, we keep giving birth to children without proper plans or means of taking care of them, someone even teased me one time that he can’t be my age and not have a child whether married or not, and my living condition is better than his.

I am no economist but if we don’t act to cut down our over growing population poverty go knack us akpako.