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Pornhub offers Kanye West free lifetime premium membership for praising them



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Pornhub just offered Kanye West a free lifetime premium membership, and the rapper can now sit back and watch all contents on the porn website.

Kanye West get free lifetime premium membership after praising Pornhub lailasnews

Kanye West who appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, managed to turn a question about his family to be about porn. When asked if having two daughters has changed his outlook on women, he responded “Nah I still look at Pornhub.”

And his fave category is “black on white.” However it seems a shoutout on national television is all it takes for Pornhub to offer you a free premium lifetime membership, because that’s exactly what happened.

PornHub and the other site mentioned took to Twitter to thank Kanye for his loyalty and granted him a lifetime of free premium membership on their sites. The site wrote on its Twitter handle;

We want to extend our appreciation to a Mr. @kanyewest for his loyalty to us over the years. A gift in the form of a free lifetime premium membership. Here’s to you

Lansky thanked Kanye and said he was going to send him a lifetime membership and some free merch.

“When @kanyewest says “@Blacked_com is my favorite” Thank you Kanye you are fearless & inspiring,” he wrote. “Sending you a lifetime membership and Blacked hat!”


Kanye West get free lifetime premium membership after praising Pornhub lailasnews 1

This offer is coming few hours after President Trump took to Twitter to praise Kanye West following the rapper’s recent “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” appearance, in which he defended his decision to support Trump during his bid for the White House.

The United States President wrote;

“Thank you to Kanye West and the fact that he is willing to tell the TRUTH,” Trump tweeted before claiming that unemployment rates for African Americans are “the lowest ever recorded in the history of our Country.”

“So honored by this,” the president continued. “Thank you Kanye for your support. It is making a big difference!”