Police offer $25k for arrest of Nigerian man wanted for robbery

Police offer $25k for arrest of Nigerian man wanted for robbery

A $25k reward has been offered for any information that will lead to the arrest of a Nigerian man, Agboghidi Irabornehi who is wanted by the Californian police over charges of robbery and assault.

The 24-year-old Nigerian man last known location(s) are Moreno Valley, CA/ Calabasas, CA/ Pasadena, in California, was involved in an armed robbery, carjacking and assault incident with a firearm. The police also offered a $25,000 (almost N9million) reward for anyone who will provide them with information that would lead to the arrest of the young man who has gone into hiding.

Few months ago also, it was reported that an unnamed Nigerian man who was wanted in the US, was arrested by the Polish police.

The suspect was accused of cyber fraud and extortion worth an estimated $7 million. The Polish police central bureau of investigation said the 27-year-old Nigerian, was tracked down in the southwestern city of Wroclaw.

In a communique released, the bureau said an arrest warrant was circulated for the alleged fraudster. The police raid which took the suspect by surprise was “made possible by the cooperation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Interpol,” the communique said.

The suspect was accused of “banking fraud, extortion and theft of online banking access data”. He will remain under arrest pending extradition to the US, the report said.

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