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Plastic surgeon sued for leaving patients with deformed faces



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A plastic surgeon has been sued for leaving his patients with deformed faces. And it becomes more shocking when the number of patients are over 40.

Plastic surgeon sued for leaving patients with deformed faces lailasnews

The Metro reports, that the victims allege that Dr. Wesley Murakami convinced them to undergo the ‘treatment’ to improve their looks and help to heal their acne scars. Instead they were left with irreversible facial damage – and they paid thousands for the efforts.


As a result of the botched surgeries, a number of patients have come forward to share before and after pictures in a bid to warn other people against this ‘doctor’ and to get him banned permanently from the medical field.

A number of the victims are also seeking retribution – including Alexandre Garzon, who has already sued Dr Murakami for the 7000 reais (£1,500) he paid for the surgery. Although he’s still waiting for compensation.

Dr Sérgio Conceição, of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), told the Metro:

“Although it seems like a simple, risk-free procedure, what we have seen in our clinics is patients coming to us with complications resulting from practitioners who are not specialists.

“This product is not an absorbable substance and causes an inflammatory reaction. It is imperative to stress that people should never do these procedures with those who are not specialists.”