Plane crashes into house in California killing five

Plane crashes into house in California killing five

Five people have died in Southern California after a small plane crashed into a house on Sunday, setting it on fire.

Orange County Sheriff’s Cory Martino said the pilot died as well as four occupants of the home in Yorba Linda, which is about 35 miles (56km) southeast of Los Angeles.

Those killed in the home were two males and two females, Orange County officials said at a news conference.

Local Media reports that the flight got into trouble barely minutes after taking off from a local airport some 20 miles (32km) south-east of the city.

Firefighters at the scene of the crash informed local media that two people are being treated for burns at a nearby hospital.

Video showed plane parts scattered on the ground and on rooftops and residents of the neighbourhood trying to fight the blaze caused by the crash with garden hoses as black clouds of smoke rose into the sky.

“It was a boom,” one resident told the LA Times. “It sounded like something exploded. It shook our house.”

Meanwhile, the names of the deceased are yet to be released.

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