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Peace Mass Transit Celebrates With Mercy And Charity Orphanage Home On Valentines Day



We all know Valentine’s Day is usually set aside to celebrate love and share gifts. More so, the Peace Mass Transit team wasn’t left out in the celebration.

Led by the Vice Chairman Chief Mrs Emilia Oniyishi, the whole team visited ‘‘Mercy and Charity Orphanage Home’’ to make them feel loved and special.

During the visit, Mrs Emilia apologised for not being able to make the visit on Valentine’s Day February 14th owing to several other crucial commitments.

However, she further stated that love shouldn’t be limited to only one day but love should be expressed, shared and celebrated every day.

The vice chairman of Peace mass transit was so pleased and encouraged by the effort of the founder Rev. Dr. Wili Ani and the care givers. She commended their effort and encouraged them to continue with their good works.

The orphanage were so happy and full of joy to receive her. Following the visit the team showed love by donations and other cash pledges. Their life’s where touched positively through the visit. They were so thankful and grateful.