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Patrice Evra gets intimate with raw chicken (Weird video)



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Patrice Evra just got intimate with raw chicken, in a recently uploaded weird video, and many think the unorthodox full-back might have just gone too far.

I don’t get it, not really sure why the French Soccer star just made love to a chicken on his Instagram, but he did and you are about to see it.

Patrice Evra gets intimate with raw chicken (Weird video) lailasnews

The former Manchester United and West Ham defender is well known for his bizarre posts, so nothing should shock us – but if you haven’t seen it yet, we’d advise you don’t have food or drink in your mouth while watching.

Evra has filmed himself caressing (and spanking) what appears to be a raw chicken. Posting the weird video his caption reads;

“I know it’s tomorrow but for mister #ilovethisgame it’s Thanksgiving everyday.”

Watch video below;

The Frenchman’s actions break essentially every single food preparation guideline ever written, and will not do much for his chances of avoiding salmonella either.

Will he offer an explanation for his fowl behaviour? Or will any justification at this point simply leave a bad taste in the mouth?

Five-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton thinks the former France international has taken things to a new level of strange.

“Not gonna lie, this is weird,” Hamilton commented.