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Pastor sleeps with female members to put holiness in them



While the prosecution of the South African based Nigerian pastor, Timothy Omotosho is still ongoing, lots of women are speaking out against fake pastors who rape vulnerable female members of their churches under the guise of performing deliverance.

Pastor sleeps with female members to put holiness in them – Woman says

A Twitter user from Thohoyandou in South Africa narrated how she went to a popular pastor who then told her that she had to take off her clothes so he can insert holy oil into her vagina to get rid of the demons that trouble her.

According to her other church members and officials encouraged her to do it because the pastor was trying to help her.

When she refused, she was told that it was the demons trying to stop her from getting delivered. She was also told that she would die if she talks about what the pastor did.

When she managed to escape and told the friend who invited her what had happened, the friend said it was normal and refused to accept it was rape.

I tell her that ,it is pure rape , she believes it is God’s work, some are now being given prophetic powers through sex , these churches are all over , women are victimised for believing in these men of God” she said

According to the friend, it’s the pastor’s way of helping women get their freedom from evil spirits.