Pastor Omotoso must rot in hell

Pastor Omotoso must rot in hell

Pastor Paseka Motsoeneng, also known as Prophet Mboro, has stated that Nigerian Pastor Omotoso must rot in hell over his rape allegations.

Mboro has indicated interest to attend the rape trial of Pastor Timothy Omotoso in the Port Elizabeth High Court, South Africa to support the victims.

Pastor Omotoso must rot in hell – South African cleric blows hot

The Nigerian pastor and co-accused Lusanda Solani and Zukiswa Sitho are facing charges including human trafficking, rape and racketeering.

Mboro said:

“We’re travelling to Port Elizabeth to pray for the victims and give them our support.”

He said it’s written in the Bible that you will reap what you sow.

 “Therefore, Omotoso should burn in hell,” said Mboro. “He has spiritual problems.

No women and children should be raped and abused.” Mboro said through his new partnership with the #NotInMyName organisation, he was aiming to encourage religious leaders to stand together against the abuse of women and children.

“Omotoso must never be a pastor or refer to himself as a pastor,” said Mboro. “Pastors path the way to the kingdom of God, but he was leading innocent people to hell.

He doesn’t deserve to be called a pastor. He’s a criminal.” Shole said his council stands against any acts of violence.

“The council aims to protect victims of rape, abuse and human trafficking, and we decided to join hands with the #NotInMyName campaign,” he said. “We’ll be supporting victims and civil society in the Omotoso trail.

Perpetrators of sexual abuse and violence should be locked away without bail.” He encouraged victims to open cases.

“We’re making a call to all religious leaders to stand up against the abuse of women and children,” he said. “Everyone is innocent until a court of law has proven that person guilty. However, only the judge will decide.”

Omotoso is accused of sexually abusing girls and women from branches of his Jesus Dominion International church but has refused to plead. Solani and Sitho are accused of recruited the victims. Cheryl Zondi (22) was the first witness to take the stand against Omotoso.

In her evidence, she said Omotoso sexually abused her over a period of two years while she was a member of his church. A number of protests by, among others, the ANC Youth League, the party’s Women’s League and the EFF have taken place outside court during the case.

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