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Passenger takes before and after bus accident selfies



Nigeria News

A passenger who was caught up in a bus accident managed to take bizarre before and after selfies. Well, its 2018 and things keep getting weird.

Passenger takes before and after bus accident selfies lailasnews

This is not something anyone of us would love to do, but this lad did it and he’s gone viral as a result.


Seemingly taking one selfie prior to climbing aboard, the unnamed man then took a second photo of himself in a very similar position. This time, however, his face was covered in dust and an upturned bus can be seen in the background with a number of passengers standing around.

A man took selfies before and after a bus accident which he was involved in and survived along with other passengers.

Since the photos surfaced online, comments on social media have ranged from insults:

“I shouldn’t be laughing. Why am I laughing? This was a trap.”

To the more concerned:

“Why am I not seeing the funny side to this? The man just survived an accident and I can’t help but wonder if everyone is alright.”

According to reports online the incident happened in Zimbabwe on 20 November.