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Passenger crushed to death by truck he was traveling with in Lagos



Nigeria News

There was mild pandemonium at the Magboro area of Lagos after passenger crushed to death by truck believed to be conveying him from the North to Lagos.

Passenger crushed to death by truck he was traveling in lailasnews 3
Image: PUNCH

According to Punch Metro, the victim had fallen off the moving trailer, and that the driver, perhaps oblivious of what had happened, ran over him, broke his head, killing him instantly.

Eyewitnesses said the driver did not wait, however, as he appeared to have driven off from the scene.

Bystanders said that a search on the victim’s body produced a phone, with which they called the last number the deceased appeared to have spoken with.

Passenger crushed to death by truck he was traveling in

They said the person who answered the call described himself as the victim’s relation and gave the name of the deceased as Issa, but that the respondent did not provide further information about the victim.

Bystanders later packed his spilled brains into a bag, alongside other simple personal effects found on him, including his Muslim prayer beads.

As of the time of filing this report, his corpse was lying by the side of the expressway where the incident had happened, and covered with cloth.

A few locally-woven baskets were lined up unceremoniously as a ‘C-Caution’ of sorts, to prevent road users from driving too close to the body.

There was no emergency response official or any law enforcement agents in sight when our correspondent arrived and left the scene.